PLC February Virtual Meeting

Presentation Topic: Cyber Security
Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Start Time: 4:00pm

Meeting Presentation: The Basics of Cyber Security
Ransomware, phishing, whaling, hacking, keylogging – you have likely heard of some of these terms, but do you understand how they happen? Not only do hackers target individuals by stealing sensitive personal information, but they can also paralyze businesses, essentially holding them ransom. With so many people working from home, we are more vulnerable than ever.

Join us for a presentation by and Q&A session with Tony Wittock of Cyber Security Consulting Ops, who will introduce us to various types of cyber-attacks and teach us the importance of adopting the principle of “Zero Trust”.

About Our Speaker: Tony Wittock
Tony Wittock is an owner and Chief Technology Officer of Cyber Security Consulting Ops. Tony is an ethical hacker and a soccer coach in Southern New Jersey. Before starting Cyber Security Consulting Ops, he spent 25 years with Comcast and Cisco. He was one of the lead engineers for the Comcast Video-On-Demand (VOD) system in Delaware County.

In his current role with Cyber Security Consulting Ops, Tony is responsible for all processes and procedures used for Penetration Testing and Internal Assessment and the development of the Cyber Security Consulting Ops Learning Management System (LMS).

He is currently working with a local college in Southern New Jersey to bring intro to cybersecurity online courses to all communities.

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