Some benefits received through PLC membership include: informative/educational meetings, great networking opportunities with other Property and Casualty Claims Adjusters, experts in Cause & Origin Investigation, Restoration, Private Investigators and Forensic Accountants, and the opportunity to participate in charitable events. Membership is only $40 and, as an added bonus, Insurance Company Adjusters and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) are welcome at all PLC Dinner Meetings free of charge.

Membership Application Form

CLICK HERE to pay via check.  Cost: $40 per person for one year. The PLC year runs from September through August.

Vendor Direcotry Apllication Form

CLICK HERE to pay via check: $50 per listing for one year. The PLC year runs from September through August.


2019-2020 Members

Lifetime Membership Award

2010 - Dave Humphrey - Retired

2012 - Carolyn Dezzi – Mellon Certified Restoration

2013 - Ed Flanagan – Allied Salvors

2016 - Gene Angiolillo - Retired

2017 - Cathy Gicker - Allstate Insurance

2018 - John McHenry - McHenry Adjustment Company, Inc.

2019 - Robert Murtin - McBrearty & Associates

Adriano Palatano - SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line
Alex Morello - SERVPRO of Society Hill & Burlington/Mt.Holly
Ali Swiatkowski - Forte Consulting and Investigations
Amanda Guire - Matson, Driscoll & Damico, LLP
Amanda Lucci - Power Equipment Restoration
Anthony Amoroso - AIG
April Mathis-Bush - Allstate Insurance
Aubrey Shea - J.S. Held
Barry Siburkis - Mark 1 Restoration
Bill Gruhler - FCNA Partners
Bob Domenick - National Forensic Consultants
Bob Neef - ServiceMaster by ARTec
Bonita Washington - Washington Adjustment
Brian Jefferies - Haag Engineering
Chris Casaleggio - H2M Associates, Inc.
Chris Wixted - RGA Claims Management
Chuck Martello - H2M Associates, Inc.
Connie Callaway - Johns Eastern Company
Daniel Divis - Gerolamo Mcnulty Divis & Lewbart

Danielle Kelly - McLarens
Danielle Mortimer - SERVPRO of Southern Delaware County
David Lyman - Servpro of Central Chester County & The Main Line
David Paolisso - Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.
Deb Dupre - J.S. Held
Ed Solits - Envista
Frank Bayer - AAIC, LLC
Frank Marx - Curley Adjustment Bureau
Frank Panico - Insurance Restoration Consultants
Greg Cuff - Power Equipment Restoration
Greg Pellish - FCNA Partners
Jake Mello - J.S. Held
Jason Turner - LEA Environmental

Jeffrey Friedman - Axe Investigations LLC

Jim Mellon - Mellon Certified Restoration

Joe Carminati - SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line

Joe Lavallee - Community Association Underwriters of America

Joe McGowan - Hudson International

John Goetz - J. F. Goetz & Associates

John Grembowitz - RCF Salvage

John Lewis - IN-Line Consulting and Forensic Engineering

John McBrearty - McBrearty & Associates

Johnny Odom - ServiceMaster Omega Restoration

Kaitlyn Read - Johns Eastern Company

Karen Washko - Longacre Appraisal & Adjustment Service

Kelly Fox - Gerolamo Mcnulty Divis & Lewbart

Kevin Cuff - Power Equipment Restoration

Kevin McNulty - Gerolamo Mcnulty Divis & Lewbart

Larry Milburn - Crawford & Company

Larry Waltemire - Polygon

Leah Miller - Johns Eastern Company

Lisa Rivlin - FCNA Partners

Lloyd Brown - STUMAR Investigations

Michael Diamond - The Chartwell Law Offices

Michael Schleigh - Reeves McEwing, LLP

Michele Harris - Harris Investigations

Mike Aliverinini - Chartwell

Mike Feulner - Unlimited Restoration, Inc.

Mitch Sher - Power Equipment Restoration

Monica O'Neill - Thomas, Thomas & Hafer

Patrick Brown - McLarens

Paul Upshall - The Pennsylvania FAIR Plan

Peter Kiesewetter - Cornerstone Appraisals & Restoration

Phil Lundell - Golden, Rothschild, Spagnola, Lundell, Boylan, Garubo & Bell, PC

Phil Washington - Washington Adjustment

Ramon Thomas - J.S. Held

Raymond Ferry - Wawa Inc.

Rey Villaneuva - Golden, Rothschild, Spagnola, Lundell, Boylan, Garubo & Bell, PC

Richard Crowley - RD Crowley & Co

Shawn Hester - SERVPRO of Eastern Main Line

Stephanie MacAdams - Evans Garment Restoration

Stephen Yerger - Johns Eastern Company

Steve Bliss - Engle Martin and Associates

Steve Brusco - Hudson International

Tom Mueller - Curtin & Heefner, LLP

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