Some of the benefits received through PLC membership include: informative/educational meetings, great networking opportunities with Property and Casualty Claims Professionals, and the opportunity to participate in charitable events. Membership is only $40 and, as an added bonus, Insurance Company Adjusters and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) are welcome at all PLC Dinner Meetings free of charge.

Lifetime Membership Award

2010 – Dave Humphrey – Retired
2010 – John Kosherzenko –  McShea Associates, Inc.
2013 – Ed Flanagan – Allied Salvors
2016 – Gene Angiolillo – Retired

2017 – Cathy Gicker – Allstate Insurance
2018 – John McHenry – McHenry Adjustment Company, Inc.
2019 – Robert Murtin – McBrearty & Associates

2024 Member List

Abigail Gershman – Chartwell Law
Adam Fraser – AIC Companies LLC
Alex Minto – Tri-State
Ali Swiatkowski – Montgomery County SPCA
Alyse Hand – ServiceMaster by Elite
Amanda Guire – MDD
Amanda Lucci – Power Equipment Restoration
Andrew Peters – YOUNG & Associates
Ann Sher – Power Equipment Restoration
April Mathis Bush – State Farm
Aubrey Simmons – JS Held
Bob Hudson – Hudson International Group
Bob Talarico – Insurance Restoration Consultants (IRC)
Bonita Washington – Washington Adjustment
Brandon Rabinowitz – MES Solutions
Bret Decembrino – Ivera Group
Brian Jefferies – Haag Global
Brian Miller – Arthur Reeher Company
Brianna Hughes – 1-800-Packouts of NW Philadelphia
Brooke Shultz – FM Global
Bruce Goldstein – American Dry Cleaners
Carter Klotz – J.S. Held
Charles Washkalavitch (Washko) – Longacre Appraisal & Adjustment Service
Chas McGarvey – SERVPRO OF King Of Prussia
Chris Bullick – Claims Resolution Corporation, Inc.
Chris Casaleggio – The Vertex Companies
Chris Haist – Inservco
Chris Wixted – RGA Claims Management
Christopher Nolan – DBI Construction Consultants
Christopher Sheetz – Entrusted Administrators & Subrogation
Cindy Watkins – Paul Davis Restoration of Bucks County
Connor McNulty – ICW Group
Damian Moser – Thornton Tomasetti
Dan Sheehy – Carisk Partners
Danielle Morales – Johns Eastern Company, Inc.
Danielle Prior – LEA Environmental
David Paolisso – Curley Adjustment
David Spear – YOUNG & Associates
Deborah Holmes – ALE Solutions
Dina Corrado – SERVPRO
Edward Soltis – Envista Forensics
Elaina Trocki – Harris Freeman & Co., Inc.
Eric Glass – Clark & Fox
Evan Chasse – Dependable Court Reporting
Evan Dumont – BELFOR Property Restoration
Francis Marx – Curley Adjustment Bureau, Inc
Frank Bayer – AAIC, LLC
Frank Feldman – Johns Eastern Company, Inc.
Frank Flaherty – Servpro Team Fabiani
Gail Porter – Mutual Boiler Re
Gary Lewis – YOUNG & Associates
Greg Cuff – Power Equipment Restoration
Jack Troy – NovaData-Solutions
James Brown – Margolis Edelstein
James Cole – Marshall Dennehey
Jason Laicha – Wade Clark Mulcahy LLP
Jason McCoy – ATI Restoration
Jason Turner – Lea Environmental LLC
Jeff Pearson – J.S. Held
Jeffrey Savage – Chubb International
Jennifer Hultzapple – Mutual Boiler Re
Jillian Cheslow – Paul Davis Restoration of Greater Philadelphia
Joe McGowan – Record Reproduction Solutions
Joe Pavone – Ivera Group
John Bullock – Vaughan Baio & Partners
John Costello – FRSTeam
John Grembowitz – RCF Salvage
John Lewis – YOUNG & Associates
John Martucci – Investigative Solutions
John McBrearty – McBrearty & Associates, Inc.
John McBride – Curtin & Heefner, LLP
John Petrycki – Donnelly, Petrycki
Jonathan Gray – Crawford & Company
Jose Rodriguez – Allied Universal Compliance & Investigations
Joseph Bednarz – H2M Architects + Engineers
Joseph Labianca – Crawford & Company
Joseph Sabatini – IMX Medical Management Services
June Burke – Sedgwick
Karen Washkalavitch (Washko) – Longacre Appraisal & Adjustment Service

Karly Krisby – Stephens Engineering
Katy Bryde – Old Republic Specialty Insurance Underwriters
Keith McBride – 1-800-Packouts of NW Philadelphia
Kelly Fox – Gerolamo, McNulty, Divis & Lewbart
Kevin Burbage – Reynolds Restoration Services
Kevin Cuff – Power Equipment Restoration
Kimberly Brehm – MDD
Kylee Grosch – Dependable Court Reporting
Lauren Vose – McLarens
Laurie Konzelmann – Farmers Mutual of Salem
Leah Miller – Davies Group
Lisa Rivlin – FCNA
Logan Leslie – Johns Eastern Company, Inc.
Marc Johnson – Lowers Forensics International
Maria DeMarco – Tristar Risk Management
Mark Clark – CATALE Temporary Housing
Mark Coggin – Thornton Tomasetti
Marshall Mulloy – SERVPRO OF King Of Prussia
Mary Jo Palumbo – FCNA Dove
Matt McAlpine – Merge Investigations Inc
Matthew Gill – J.S. Held
Matthew Long – CorLife
Matthew Orcutt – ARCCA Inc – Penns Park, PA
Michael English – Dane Street
Michael Fox – Clark & Fox
Michael Graham – SERVPRO of South Philadelphia / SE Delaware County
Michael Jones – Zurich North America
Michael McDevitt – 1800 Water Damage of DelChester
Michael Savett – Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig LLP
Michelle Boots – Lowers Forensics International
Mike Hagan – Hagan & Associates
Mike Lees – Paul Davis Restoration of Bucks County
Mitch Sher – Power Equipment Restoration
Nate Reber – Prime Source Investigations
Nicholas Brown – USLI
Nick Sansone – Turner, O’Mara, Donnelly & Petrycki
Patrick Gilmore – NovaData-Solutions
Patrick Marx – Curley Adjustment Bureau, Inc
Patrick Murphy – Aries Property Claims Consultants LLC
Patrick Reilly – Clark & Fox
Patti Kelly – RxBridge
Peter Ambruch – Johns Eastern Company, Inc.
Phil Washington – Washington Adjustment
Philip Lundell – Golden Rothschild Spagnola Lundell Boylan Garubo & Bell
Rebecca Sholl – Dependable Court Reporting
Retta Shealey – CATALE Temporary Housing
Rey Villanueva – Golden Rothschild Spagnola Lundell Boylan Garubo & Bell
Rob Yarema – CRU GROUP
Robert Neef – ServiceMaster by ARTec
Rocio Crespo – Nelson Forensics
Rod Brown – Fabric Renewal
Ronald Mahon – MKA International, Inc.
Ryan Barrett – FCG Associates
Sam McCullough – County Action Restoration
Sara Whipple – Forcon International
Scott Moore – NEFCO Fire Investigation
Scott Schneider – ARCCA
Sean Griffin – BELFOR Property Restoration
Sharrod Parker – Millers Mutual
Stephen Gindhart – BMS CAT of Pennsylvania
Stephen Yerger – Davies Group
Sumner Higginbotham – JS Held
Susan DeCaro – Entrusted Administrators & Subrogation
Tamara Holt – AVE
Tammy Sell – Old Republic Specialty Insurance
Theresa Hammer – SERVPRO OF King Of Prussia
Thomas Bonnivier – Newman Construction Consulting
Thomas Mueller – Curtin & Heefner LLP
Tim Stauning – SERVPRO of Pennypack/Bustleton
Timothy Lorio – DBI Construction Consultants
Tom O’Brien – Forensic Consultants of North America
Tricia-Pam Torgerson – Ivera Group
Victor DeFilippis – BELFOR Property Restoration
William Krekstein – Horst Krekstein & Runyon LLC
William Sterner – Sedgwick